Not Cognac – Not Whisky, but… Vinyac, Cigarrignac and Barrignac

THE SPIRIT OF PERFECTION – Extraordinary. Inimitable. Delicious

The resounding names of these patented products convey an idea of the enchanting creations waiting to be discovered. They are the ultimate refinement of grapes. Indeed, our spirits can hold their own among the great brandies of the world.

The selection of different grape varieties, depending on the vintage year and the varying lengths of maturing in small wooden barrels, as well as the skills of the master distiller all contribute in the creation of unique, characteristic specialities with distinctive flavours. The ultimate secret of these fine brandies is kept by the master distiller. Let us reveal only that much: Matured vintage wines of selected grapes (Auslese and Beerenauslese) as well as Vinyaqueur and Barriqueur are combined to give the Vinyacs and Barrignacs their own individual styles.