A breath of eternity – The Secret of the Pyramid

The mill silo, a building in art-deco style resembling a cathedral, serves as the storehouse for the Barrignac. After the Barrignac is filled into barrique barrels, its journey to the heart of the silo – the pyramid – begins. The pyramid holds the barrels for maturing our most precious and exclusive brandies. In a room with constant humidity, free from earth rays and other negative influences, Barrignac matures into a “spirit of wine” beyond compare.

Here we store only the oldest Barrignacs, dating from the founding year of the STRAUCH DISTILLERY, which, after 20 years of maturing, are labelled “Barrignac Kurfürst”. Barrignac is the authentic heavenly journey of a grape on a vine stock in Wonnegau to paradise, accompanied by the angels and the “spirit of wine”.