Kurfürst von Dalberg – STRAUCH DISTILLERY

A Family Business

Our traditional winery with 25 hectares of vineyards is situated in Osthofen, in the middle of Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine-growing region. For many years now, we have been cultivating our vineyards organically.

We produce full-bodied red wines, lively fresh white wines, sparkling wines according to the champagne method, as well as premium spirits such as Vinyac, Barrignac and Cigarrignac.

Here, in the Wonnegau district, at the foot of the vineyards stands the “Mühlensilo”, a former mill silo and part of the STRAUCH DISTILLERY. This is the place where the Vinyacs and Barrignacs mature to perfection in glass carboys and small wooden barrels of selected quality.